Recipe: Three cups of pickled cucumbers

Home Cooking Recipe: Three cups of pickled cucumbers


Refreshing pickles, good porridge. Put it in the refrigerator, it is very cool to take it out every time. The pickles made by your own home are rest assured! 2015.6.23 Question Summary 1: Q: What is a cup? A: The cup I wrote is the standard measuring cup. It doesn't matter if there is no measuring cup. In short, the ratio is 1:1:12. Q: What is balsamic vinegar? A: The supermarket has vinegar, rice vinegar, ginger vinegar, a variety of vinegar, balsamic vinegar is one of them. Similar to vinegar, but more sweet. If you don't have it, you can buy vinegar. 3. Q: Can the soup be used twice? A: Yes. 4. Q: What is the intention of repeatedly burning three times? A: It is to prevent the cucumber from being cooked too much or not. It’s okay to have trouble, of course, it’s ok to get cold water right away. But the traditional approach is three times. Boiled cucumbers are basically particularly odorous and brittle. When cooked, it will be soft.



  1. A cup of soy sauce, a cup of balsamic vinegar, a cup of sugar, boiled around to make bubbles, and the sugar dissolves and turns off the heat.

  2. Cucumber is cut into boiling water and boiled. Immediately pick up and let cool water cool down, repeated three times. Control dry water for backup.

  3. Soak in a clean bottle and marinate overnight. More marinated for 2 days, it’s better to eat more


You can also put some peppers and pickled. Cucumber big cucumber can be. No matter how many cucumbers you marinate, the ratio of sauces is always 1:1:1.

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