Recipe: Three cups of chicken legs

Home Cooking Recipe: Three cups of chicken legs



  1. After the chicken legs are washed, they are torn into strips by hand and wrapped in raw powder for 3 minutes. (Figure 1, 2, 3)

  2. Put the oil in the pot, after 6 minutes of heat, add the chicken leg mushroom to the golden brown, and remove the oil. (Figures 4 and 5)

  3. The ginger pot is roasted in a small pot until the water vapor is dissipated, and it is browned. (Image 6)

  4. Put the sesame oil in the pot, simmer on the ginger, stir fry into the corner and roll it (Fig. 7). After the garlic scent bursts into the scent, pour all the seasonings and chicken leg mushrooms. Stir fry evenly and simmer for a minute. Dry the soup (Figures 8, 9)


The focus of the "three cups" dishes are as follows: 1. Do not use less dry ginger. Its purpose is to effectively remove the spicy taste of ginger. 2, must use sesame oil to fragrant ginger slices, the only way to make the two flavors fully blend together. But remember to have a small fire, otherwise the sesame oil will be easily burnt and bitter. 3, "Three Cups" dishes taste the atmosphere, the aftertaste leisurely, the following materials should be more atmospheric. 4, "three cups" dishes usually have to add nine-story towers, but the nine-story tower is difficult to buy and difficult to plant, if not, do not force, as long as the seasoning ratio is correct, I think the taste is similar. At least this taste, I don't feel much different. 5, the desktop "three cups" refers to a cup of soy sauce, a cup of sesame oil, a cup of cooking wine. Do it at home, in a ratio of 1:1:1. 6, add the raw powder and then fried chicken leg mushroom, the soup after cooking is somewhat sticky. If you don't like this taste, the mushrooms don't need to be fried in raw flour. But the mushrooms must be fried, so the taste is good.

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