Recipe: Three cups of chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Three cups of chicken


Many people like to eat three cups of chicken, which is a famous Taiwanese food. Three cups of chicken are an indispensable dish in any tabletop tea restaurant. We all know that the "three cups" of three cups of chicken means that when cooking this dish, you need a cup of Taiwanese rice wine, a cup of sesame oil and a cup of soy sauce. But in addition to chicken and these three seasonings, there is another ingredient that is indispensable. Do you know what it is? By the way, it is the “nine-story tower”. For the three-cup chicken, it is no exaggeration to say that if there is no support for the nine-story tower, just like cooking without salt, the whole dish will lose its meaning. In addition, after the conditions of the three cups of chicken and the nine-story tower are satisfied, the three cups of chicken that I know are no less than three or four. Of course, the practice is generally similar, but the details are Different. However, this is the difference in detail, the taste and taste of the three cups of chicken cooked, sometimes different. If the details are negligible when cooking certain dishes, I think the authenticity of the three cups of chicken cooked depends on the details.



  1. Cooking three cups of chicken, you can choose the whole three yellow chicken or chicken legs, and some people like to use chicken wings, it is ok. Like the whole chicken I chose this time, I need to cut the chicken pieces into square or long pieces. Then wash the chicken pieces with water, spare

  2. Ginger cut into thin pieces of ginger, the amount can be a little more, I roughly calculated it, I used a chicken for about 10 pieces.

  3. Wash the shallots, cut into green onions, peel the garlic, whole pieces, about 10 capsules. Cut the red pepper into a red pepper ring. Nine-story tower wash

  4. Many people make three cups of chicken to pass the chicken over the oil, or even lick the raw powder and then oil. According to the practice of authentic three cups of chicken, this is all wrong. The authentic three cups of chicken and chicken are not oily. Just lick the chicken first. Remember, the chicken is cold and the pot is cold. The purpose of drowning is to remove the blood of the chicken. The second is to remove the avian smell of the chicken as much as possible. Chicken meat is not oily or fried. It is the smell of chicken oil that directly spills when the chicken skin is in contact with the sesame oil.

  5. Put the wok on the fire, heat it, pour some mixed oil of vegetable oil and sesame oil. When the temperature of the oyster oil is not raised, add ginger, stir fry with a stir-fry, and simmer for a while, even the edge of the ginger is slightly Pasty is not afraid

  6. Next, put the garlic, red pepper rings, and chives belly in turn, and continue to stir the aroma.

  7. Now pour the chicken pieces that have been simmered in water into the pot.

  8. We have to season the chicken in the wok. Put a cup of Taiwanese rice wine in turn, a combination of soy sauce and soy sauce, saying that they all put a cup. In fact, if we use the ordinary porcelain spoon used for soup to make the measurement, 10 tablespoons of rice wine, 5 tablespoons of soy sauce can be used. Soy sauce two spoons, soy sauce three spoons

  9. Remember, cooking three cups of chicken is not water, continue to add sugar to taste, the amount of sugar is 2.5 scoop, then stir fry evenly, the fire to collect juice. Press the lid when collecting juice. At this point, you can put the clams on another gas stove and heat it on.

  10. After about 4 minutes, pick up the lid, ha, rice wine and chicken soup broth has been basically dried, stir fry a few times, because with the aid of sugar, you will find the color of the chicken is bright red, very good-looking It’s tempting, and it’s already fragrant.

  11. Now, the clams are turned off, pour all the ingredients in the wok into the clams, quickly pour in three teaspoons of sesame oil, and after hearing the bang, put in the nine-story tower and cover the clams and continue Hey it in 20 seconds, on the table


Careful friends must have discovered the three points I have said before cooking three cups of chicken? That is, the amount of rice wine is double that of soy sauce; the amount of soy sauce is doubled by sugar (sugar is the preferred choice for rock sugar), and then there is no need for chicken to be oily. What we want is the combination of chicken skin itself and sesame oil. Grease, that is called fragrant. Taiwan rice wine is an essential ingredient. Personally, it is not impossible to replace it with other wines, but the taste will be greatly reduced. The condiment counter at Beijing Sanyuan Licai Market is available for sale. Knowledge popularization: nine-story tower The nine-story tower, named Basil, is native to India and is known as the "Hindu of the Hindu God." The locals also believe that the deceased must have basil leaves on his chest to enter heaven. Basil is very common in Western food. In addition to Taiwan, Cantonese and Chaozhou are often used as spices in China. Because of its strong octagonal flavor of leaves and stems and flowers, the name is called "golden not change." But relatively speaking, the name of the nine-story tower is even louder. The nine-story tower belongs to the annual or perennial shrub of the genus Basil. The flower is in the form of a multi-layered tower, so it is called a "nine-story tower." Before the 16th century, it was used as a herb for treating the eyes, and the unique fragrance was also used to prevent insects. Basil was passed from India to Europe around the 16th century. It has been planted so far, especially in the Mediterranean coast. Almost no food is consumed without basil. However, because it is easy to plant and has many varieties, there are about forty kinds of purple stems and green stems in the world. Two major departments. To subdivide, the nine-story tower is really a huge family, like Italian basil, wrinkled basil, purple basil, lemon basil, cinnamon basil, holy basil, licorice basil, purple basil, Greek basil, etc. Wait, I can’t count it. As for the kind of basil that China's nine-story tower belongs to, it seems that there are different opinions. Some people infer that it should belong to Thai basil, which is more like licorice basil. The leaves are smaller, lighter and fluffy, and like lemon basil. In the end, it must be answered by a plant expert. I think that as a food lover, as long as you understand its aroma, know its appearance, know how to use it to cook delicious food.

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