Recipe: Three cups of beauty legs

Home Cooking Recipe: Three cups of beauty legs


Since I have used three cups of practice, I often do it, so I am also familiar with it. This is a very good meal, the children like to rush, the people at the table can't eat at night.



  1. Wash the pheasant and cut into small pieces

  2. Cucumber half a skin

  3. Soak the mushrooms, cut the cucumber, peel the garlic, and slice the ginger.

  4. Pour into cooking wine, soy sauce, white pepper, garlic and soak for half an hour.

  5. Pour the pheasant, garlic, and ginger into the pan and fry the golden

  6. Then put it in a casserole and boil it. Pour the cucumber mushrooms and open the fire to collect the juice.


1. The meat of the pheasant is relatively small, and must not add too much salt, otherwise it will be salty. 2. Don't take too long if you have oil, or the meat will get old. 3. Cucumber skin can go or not. 4. The garlic must be sufficient, and the taste will be good. And you have to use the whole grain. 5. When frying, be sure to keep turning over, not to pan, but also be careful not to be sprayed with oil, pay attention to safety.

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