Recipe: Three-color dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Three-color dumplings


"Top Chef" dishes, and Tianjin dog Buick buns, Jinjiang crab yellow soup bag, Yangzhou Fuchun package and called China's four major points. The wrinkles of each Xiaolong bag should be more than 18%.



  1. Prepare spinach juice, pumpkin puree. Spinach is added with water and beaten into juice; the pumpkin is peeled and steamed.

  2. Make three-color dough. (add a small amount of salt)

  3. Cut the meat and smash it into the meat grinder.

  4. After the meat is frozen and boiled, mix it with lean meat 4:6 to make the filling. (add salt, fish sauce)

  5. Bag buns, steamer, and pan.


1, warm water to the surface, the skin has toughness, soup is not scattered. 2, spinach juice (add water when stirring), pumpkin puree 3, adding salt to the flour can make the flour more vigorous. 4, the key to the delicious taste of Xiaolongbao juice is: after the meat skin is soft boiled, mix it with lean meat 4:6 to make the stuffing.

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