Recipe: Those cold teas about the wind and the snow

Home Cooking Recipe: Those cold teas about the wind and the snow


Husband loves to drink kung fu tea, but I want to drink iced drinks when it is hot, because I didn't intend to buy two bottles at IKEA. At that time, I only wanted to put a soy sauce and vinegar. When I got home, I used him to make various flowers and plants. Cold tea, I am very surprised, because he is not a romantic person, but this bottle of tea has touched my romantic feelings of the wind and snow, originally thought of the name of Li Xiaohe version of cold tea, and later felt It’s a bit too bad with such a beautiful photo, and I changed it secretly...



  1. 1, cold water method is brewed with cold water, but the time of soaking will be longer, you can put it in the refrigerator for a night in advance.

  2. 2, hot water method with hot water brewing, soaking time is fast, but to wait for cooling and then put into the refrigerator ice, want to drink cool cold tea will wait for a long time.


Any favorite herbal tea, fruit, free to match. If you like sweet, you can add honey or sweet-scented osmanthus, depending on your taste. I think cold tea is a bit sweeter and better.

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