Recipe: This is a red-burning chicken: vegetarian food is delicious.

Home Cooking Recipe: This is a red-burning chicken: vegetarian food is delicious.


When I was a child, material life was still in a poverty-stricken stage. The meat flow was not a food that I could often eat, but my mother would always try to improve my food. Even this small chicken can make no less than braised pork. the taste of. The red charcoal chicken in the memory is fragile and slightly soft, but the inside is soft as tofu. After a long time of cooking, the sauce has already penetrated into it. The sweet and salty flavor constitutes the best memory of my childhood.



  1. Wash and slice the vegetarian chicken (free thickness);

  2. Put the oil in the pot and open the small fire to fry the chicken slices into two sides golden;

  3. Another pot, pour a little oil, put in the chicken, add soy sauce, soy sauce (proportion is about 1:2), add the right amount of water (not over the vegetarian chicken), add onion;

  4. After the fire is boiled, turn into a small fire, add rock sugar and cook for 20~25 minutes;

  5. At this time, the juice in the pot has already been collected, and the scallions are scattered on the plate.

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