Recipe: Thirteen roasted wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Thirteen roasted wings


A while ago, I saw that this large plate of meat may still be disgusting. Looking back at this plate and grilling my wings today, I only have a slap in the face. And it’s a cool barbecue flavor. The son also loves to eat barbecue, but only to put him on the stove to add warmth, sprinkle salt, pepper, noodles, the amount is very small, and only eat a string, pepper drop! He said to me eagerly, my mother, that layer of powder is really delicious! It’s really necessary to dress yourself warmer when it’s cold. Otherwise, the colder you want to eat! Don't gain weight this winter! But sometimes I want to eat because I am hungry, but my mouth is too lonely.



  1. 孜然粉10g, black pepper powder 10g, thirteen fragrant 15g; evenly mixed

  2. Honey water, a small amount of cooking oil, barbecue powder

  3. Chicken wings are marinated for 2 hours in advance. Chicken wings are coated with cooking oil.

  4. Spread the barbecue powder evenly

  5. Enter the oven at 220 ° C, upper and lower tubes, about 35 minutes. Brush honey water 2 times during the period, roast and cook

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