Recipe: Thirteen fragrant lobster

Home Cooking Recipe: Thirteen fragrant lobster



  1. The oil is warmed with pepper, pepper, onion, ginger, and sautéed with a small fire. Like spicy, pepper, pepper and more

  2. Put the crayfish stir fry until it turns red

  3. Add water (beer will be better) the amount of lobster, salt, sugar, thirteen incense, garlic, the right amount. The fire is boiled and the medium heat is stewed.

  4. When you smell the lobster scent, the surface of the broth has already floated with some red oil, seasoned with chicken, and turned off the fire.

  5. If you can keep the lobster in the pot and let the soup penetrate for a while, the taste will be better.


Fresh crayfish Finishing: 1. Crayfish pliers are small and have no meat, so use scissors to remove all the claws and pliers. 2. At this time, the lobsters have no weapons, so they can safely brush them all over the body with a brush. 3. There are three pieces of shrimp tail. Hold the middle piece and pull it hard. The intestines will be pulled out. 4. Cut the hard shell with the scissors in the hard shell of the lower part of the two heads of the shrimp head. Don't cut it too much When it was burned, Huang ran out. 5. After removing the half of the shell of the head, the cockroaches will leak out. Pick out the pick with the tip of the scissors, then put the squat and the claw Cut the roots together.腮 is the most Tibetan place and must be cut off. Rinse with water and wait for the pot. The process is complicated enough! In this booming summer, if you want to eat clean and rest assured, this shrimp must be treated like this. The point of going is not left, the rest is all the essence. The finished crayfish, the yellow inside is clearly visible.

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