Recipe: Thick tomato and fat beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Thick tomato and fat beef



  1. The method of peeling tomatoes is to boil once with boiling water, once with cold water, then slide out the cross on the skin and peel off the skin.

  2. Peel the tomato and chop it. The finer the better, filter out the cut juice.

  3. When preparing the material, the beef can be thawed and uncooked for stewing.

  4. Add a very little oil after the hot pot, stir the tomato

  5. After the tomato is soft, crush it with a spatula

  6. Add a little water and tomato sauce, salt and sugar to cook the tomato for ten to fifteen minutes

  7. Because the tomato itself will produce water during the frying process, there is no need to add too much water, otherwise the soup will not be rich enough. When you see signs of collecting juice, put the fat cow in the pot and turn it into a small fire.


Some beef rolls are more compact when bought, and it is best to flatten the fat cows before the pot, so as to avoid the fleshy retraction after heating, like a rich taste, or use half a spoonful of soup to replace the water with water.

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