Recipe: Thick soup doll dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Thick soup doll dish


The practice can't be simpler. It’s a thick soup and a baby dish. But when you cook for a long time, there will be sweetness in the soup, and you won’t be able to use Chinese cabbage.



  1. Fans soft

  2. Casserole to boil hot water, add thick soup to melt

  3. Add the baby dish, after the fire is boiled, the small fire cooks until the baby dish becomes very soft, and the soup melts the fragrance of the baby dish.

  4. Join fans and 枸杞 (not added)

  5. If the fans are cooked, they will be ok.


Only with the doll dish can have a sweet effect, Chinese cabbage can not. . . In fact, I think that Jiale and Shi Yunsheng are a taste. I have to put it later, otherwise it will be boiled.

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