Recipe: Thick soup baby dish

Home Cooking Recipe: Thick soup baby dish


The doll dish itself has a sweet taste, and there is also salt in the soup with the thick soup. You don’t need to match the amount of the seasoning.



  1. Wash the baby dish, divide it into two, then cut each flap into three

  2. Garlic slices, garlic diced, thick soup, open to make soup

  3. Add olive oil in the country, add garlic slices when the oil temperature is 40%

  4. Add the broth when the garlic slices are fried to golden

  5. After the broth is boiled, add the baby dish to boil, and remove the doll dish.

  6. Lower ham slices continue to boil

  7. Boiled with water and starch on the cooked baby dish

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