Recipe: Thick matcha ice cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Thick matcha ice cream


Fang Zi from "Kyoto tea time! Japanese Matcha Happiness Dessert "The extravagant use of a lot of Matcha is a rich ice cream that must be missed by Matcha lovers. Although it is only a simple three-step process, it can make a thick and scented finished product. Whether it is direct Tasting, or digging a spoon on the milk, or topping with black molasses is great!”—P100% raw egg yolk with 20g matcha powder → →【[Do not have doubts about eating raw egg yolk or have problems with matcha powder If you don't, I don't recommend reading it again.] If you don't make it, you don't need to stir it out in the middle. ! !



  1. Put the 3 egg yolks in a clean mixing bowl, add 80g of fine sugar and beat them with a electric egg beater at high speed until the egg head is lifted. The egg liquid will slowly fall down in a ribbon.

  2. 250ML whipped cream and 20g matcha powder are placed in a deep mixing bowl, and the electric eggbeater is whipped at a low speed to a state of five distributions (ie, the egg can be traced and left completely liquid)

  3. Add the matcha cream to the whipped egg yolk, stir evenly with egg, pour it into stainless steel or enamel container, cover the surface of the container with plastic wrap, and send it to the freezer for more than 5 hours, during the period [No! need! Want! Take it out and stir again


1. Please do not use eggs with unknown origin or eggs that are not fresh enough to buy for a long time. 2. The matcha powder used in Fangzi is 20g. Please don't reduce the amount at will, otherwise you can only call the matcha flavor ice cream instead of thick! alcohol! wipe! tea! ice! Qi! Shower! 3. Please don't overheat the light cream, because the matcha powder will play a sticky role, so just send it to five points.

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