Recipe: Thick fragrant soy milk porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Thick fragrant soy milk porridge


This porridge combines the nutrition and taste of soy milk and rice porridge. It is also easy to do. You can try it!



  1. Soymilk is used to make soy milk, and the amount of soybeans and water given is only a reference amount. It can be done according to the habit of soymilk.

  2. Wash rice and glutinous rice, add water and fire, and turn to low heat to continue cooking until the rice is slightly flowered. Here, according to the experience of their usual porridge, the water of glutinous rice is put less. When the rice is boiled, the rice soup is less and more viscous!

  3. Pour the pre-made soy milk into the rice porridge and continue to cook over low heat, and pay attention to stir to prevent the paste pot! It’s been awful until the rice is so bad that the soymilk is slightly thicker!

  4. You can eat it with a bowl! Put some white sugar taste better!


The thickness of this porridge is entirely based on experience. There is no special fixed amount of material. I am looking at it myself! The reference amount given is about three people, and everyone can increase or decrease according to their own population and the amount of food!

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