Recipe: Thick cheese sandwich biscuits (five flavors)

Home Cooking Recipe: Thick cheese sandwich biscuits (five flavors)


This thick cheese sandwich biscuit was originally made because I saw a biscuit from Japan, but I didn't find it when I wanted to buy it online. So think about doing it yourself. (ฅ>ω<*ฅ) Explain in advance! ! This finished picture is not done by yourself! ! The color is uneven and rough! ! Just follow the steps! The color is definitely better than mine! ! Then completely unprepared, I immediately changed the formula! ! This cookie is a bit time consuming...because the cookies are one by one, and then one by one, it's a bit of a hassle. But the finished product works well, and the stuffing after the ice is a bit like eating ice cream. Please do it before you do it! ! It will be cumbersome! ! And it's not the same as other recipes! ! ! The original party changed from slow life to slow baking.



  1. After the butter softens, it will be smooth and not excessively sent. Over-selling cookies can become very crisp and brittle.

  2. Add butter to the powdered sugar and send it to a slightly white, melted sugar powder.

  3. Add an egg yolk to continue to send, so that the egg yolk is evenly integrated.

  4. Because of the reason for the next step to color, the amount of coconut is relatively small. We can first add the coconut to the sieve and stir evenly. I didn't think so much for the first time, so it took a long time to screen. The granules I bought in my coconut are relatively large. It is best to use small granules in the coconut. The biscuits made will be finer.

  5. We divided the mixed liquid from the previous step into five parts and packed it in five small bowls. (Because I made five colors, Matcha, Coffee Cocoa, Red, Primary, Blueberry Sauce)

  6. Then divide the low powder evenly into five parts (it should be 26g one, but we only take 24-25g here), if you want to add color powder, prepare 2g of cocoa powder, 2g of red yeast rice, 2g of matcha powder, blueberry sauce or Other colored sauces 2g or less (can also bring small pieces of fruit sauce), ps: The above components are not a fixed amount, depending on the coloring degree of the toner (for example, I used strawberry) I don't have to add more strawberry powder, but if I look at it, if I add too much dough, it will be too dry. I will see it with the pigment itself. Mix powders and low flour! Then mix the upper paste!

  7. After the mixing is completed, it should be possible to form a group. If the group is a bit dry, it is normal. If it is too dry, consider putting a little powder, but! ! Note that the softer and drier the dough, the easier it is to color! The dryer the dough may crack when it is baked! If you don't want to make a pattern here, you can use U-shaped biscuit mold, wrap each dough in baking paper and put it in the biscuit mold to freeze. If you want to buckle the pattern yourself or have no u-shaped mold to flatten each dough, use a rolling pin to assist in leveling, which is about 3mm-5mm. (Do not lower than 3mm... I made a very thin one)

  8. Use your favorite mold or knife to pull out the desired pattern, and prepare a larger square plate. The bigger the frozen layer, the better. Then put the deducted biscuits on the baking paper, then put them on the plate, put a layer on the plastic wrap, and be sure to cover them all around. If one layer can't be placed, put the remaining biscuits directly on the first layer of plastic wrap, then apply a layer of cling film and stick it. Put in the freezer.

  9. After freezing for an hour, it can be taken out. If it is a u-shaped mold, it still needs to be placed for about two minutes. If it is thawed, it will be cut with a knife, about 3mm thick.

  10. The oven is preheated in advance and the middle layer is 180 degrees for 15 minutes. If you tin the tin foil in ten minutes, it will be colored! The exact time is based on the oven at home. Let cool cool.

  11. The sandwich cream cheese below is melted to the smoothness without granules. Then add the powdered sugar and mix until the powdered sugar melts.

  12. Add softened butter and lemon juice and stir into a salad. Divide into five (difficult trouble can not do so many kinds of stuffing) stuffing separately: matcha powder, red yeast powder, melted white chocolate, melted milk chocolate (or cocoa coffee powder), blueberry sauce. These materials are just a little bit better, the main purpose is to adjust a light color, the chocolate melts to smooth or granules in advance, and the taste is better. Stir well and refrigerate for half an hour.

  13. Take out the refrigerated stuffing, prepare a knife, the best Western knife, then dig a large spoon of stuffed vertical biscuits on the biscuits, scrape a little on each side, then cover the biscuits directly, then use The same method is used to wipe the stuffing, and the excess is scraped off with a knife. It is recommended to put a biscuit in the refrigerator and take a crisper. Or you can take a bath with ice water. The summer temperature is high and the stuffing is easy to melt.

  14. Then I will eat it for a while, and it will be cool to go straight.


This recipe can probably make 24 bare biscuits and 12 sandwich biscuits. The amount of raw material in the cheese sandwich is not certain because only half of my own work has reached the thickness I want. It can also be adjusted according to the thickness you want. Then I started to worry about the taste, and then I felt very happy when I finished it. (ˉ『ˉ) After you have done it, you must refrigerate and seal it and eat it as soon as possible. There is any problem with the recipe +v:ohhhh0748

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