Recipe: The world's first spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: The world's first spinach



  1. Choose dishes... spinach a lot of mud, find a bucket to wash!

  2. Boil a pot of water and put the washed spinach!

  3. This part is very important! Count twenty, count slowly! Don't be too much or too little! (See 'Anthropologists in the Kitchen')

  4. Remove the spinach and cool it out to spare the water!

  5. Cut the dried chilies and put them in a small bowl for spare!

  6. Pour peanut oil into the pan and pour it into the bowl! Zi...

  7. Pour the chili oil, salt, chicken, and pepper oil into the spinach and mix well!


I used to hate spinach, but I made this kind of cold spinach, which is super delicious. Anyone who doesn't like spinach can try this kind of salad.

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