Recipe: [The warmth of studying in a foreign land] Cantonese-style pork

Home Cooking Recipe: [The warmth of studying in a foreign land] Cantonese-style pork


Born in Guangdong, the favorite is the variety of siu mei. Roast goose, ribs, roast meat, pork roast... are the most common options for siu platter when eating at a restaurant. The people of the old family have their own unique tastes: the most famous roast meat is from the village named Shangnan. The baking process is very particular, such as puncturing needles on pigs; roast goose can be roasted with various fruit trees. The system makes the aroma in the wood penetrate into the goose. For example, roast goose baked in lychee has a special aroma. As for pork roast, of course, you should choose pork and plum meat. The roasted pork roast has both gravy and elasticity. In the two years of studying in the United States, I was the old home of my friend who lived in my father. I respected him as "Feng Ge". What makes me most grateful is that on weekends or on holidays, Feng Ge will invite me to eat in his new home. Feng Ge cooking, a variety of Cantonese cuisine and old fire soup is easy for him, the private barbecued pork produced is a big move for the index finger, eating at home is much better than eating outside. Someone once tried to invite him to the hotel, but he was too hard to cook at home and he was reluctant to cook. In the United States for two and a half years, I have tasted a lot of barbecue stalls in the restaurant stalls, not as good as the hometown flavor produced by Feng Ge. When homesickness is in the mood, if you can eat his barbecued pork at the peak of the family at the weekend, you can also talk about homesickness. Later, I tried to cook a pot of pork at home and tried to have a barbecue. Although I didn’t pay attention to the materials used by Feng Ge, I was also affirmed by Feng Ge. For the time being, I will miss this day in the United States.



  1. Cut the fresh pork plum into small strips for easy pickling and roasting;

  2. Wash the strips of pork plum and wash the water with kitchen paper towels;

  3. Fill the pork plum with the right size container, place the ginger slices in different positions of the container, add 3-4 tablespoons of pork sauce, 1 tablespoon honey and a little allspice, add a little amount of soy sauce, and repeat all the materials by hand. Mix well so that every pork and plum can absorb the sauce;

  4. After pickling for 1 hour, remove the ginger slices, and other materials can be placed in the refrigerator to continue to pickle the taste, about 1 day is appropriate;

  5. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C, while placing the pork and plum strips on the grill / grilling net, place the baking sheet with tin foil on the bottom of the oven to prevent the sauce from dripping to the bottom of the oven during baking, causing cleaning difficult;

  6. Bake in the middle of the oven at 200 ° C for 18-20 minutes, please control the time according to your own oven temperature;

  7. Take out, brush the remaining sauce, turn over and brush the sauce again, and brush the honey again;

  8. Continue to bake for 5 minutes after turning over, remove and brush the sauce and honey once;

  9. Return to the oven, continue to bake for 1-2 minutes, turn off the oven, do not rush to remove, let the remaining temperature of the oven lock the juice inside the meat;

  10. Take out the pork roast, let cool, slice, and eat!


In order for all pork and plum meat to absorb the sauce, the size of the container is important, so it is not recommended to use a flat container. Adding a little soy sauce in the right amount will make the final color of the barbecue better. Of course, this is also a personal taste. I prefer a darker barbecued pork, and I don't like orange-red. The amount of honey used to marinate pork plums can depend on individual tastes. If you like sweet, you can put more, but it is not recommended to put a lot of honey because it is also used for baking. The remaining sauce can be repeated on the pork roast during the baking process. The baking time should be adjusted according to the thickness of the pig plum bar. The above time is for reference only. It is recommended that people do not leave the oven for too long when baking.

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