Recipe: The usual practice of fine meatball soup

Home Cooking Recipe: The usual practice of fine meatball soup


This fine meatball soup is a lighter, lighter dish that can be eaten during weight loss, just remove the obvious fat and oil. Recently, I just got a shabu-shabu, which I just used to practice.



  1. Wash mushrooms and greens for use;

  2. The meat is washed and cut into strips of 3-4 cm, and the strips of meat are placed in a connected meat cutter to form a meat bowl;

  3. Add appropriate amount of egg white, chicken essence, salt, soy sauce and other seasonings to the meat emulsion, stir evenly, and make meatballs by hand or spoon;

  4. Put the meatballs in boiling water, and then cook the meatballs and cook them for 2 minutes;

  5. Add the right amount of salt, diced green onion, sesame oil and finally season.


1. After the meat is twisted, put the mushrooms into the mincer to wring out the remaining meat; 2. The big hole knife and the minced meat are chewy, the small hole cutter and the minced meat are more delicate; 3. The minced meat can also be added. Vegetables, making a richer filling, such as celery meatball soup.

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