Recipe: The tip of China on the tip of the tongue - the practice of sauerkraut stewed pig's feet

Home Cooking Recipe: The tip of China on the tip of the tongue - the practice of sauerkraut stewed pig's feet


1. Trotter: The trotters contain more protein, fat and carbohydrates, which can accelerate metabolism, delay the aging of the body, and play a dual role in lactation and beauty for lactating women. It is suitable for cold, heat, sputum, sore, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects, especially for patients with frequent limb weakness, leg cramps, numbness, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhagic shock and ischemic encephalopathy. 2, day lily: Daylily (also known as day lily) is rich in phosphorus, and has vitamin E and other anti-aging ingredients, has a better brain and anti-aging function, known as "brain brain". For modern people who are mentally exhausted, it is beneficial to eat them regularly. Day lily has a significant effect of lowering serum cholesterol due to niacin and the like, and can prevent middle-aged diseases and delay body aging. It contains hemostatic vitamins, winter base and other ingredients that have the effect of stopping bleeding and reducing inflammation, diuresis, and stomach.



  1. 1. Dry daylily should be soaked in warm water for 2-3 hours, then rinsed with water for 4-5 times. Mainly to wash off the residual pesticides or sulfur from the bad merchants.

  2. 2. If it is dry soybeans, you need to make a hair in advance one night. If you soaked soy beans, you can use them directly.

  3. 3. Wash the pig's trotters, put them into a cold water pot, boil the water in a big fire, and then remove the pig's hooves after cooking for a minute. Be careful not to stick the foamed shovel. The trotters will shrink after the scalding, so if there is The pig hair that has not been cleaned will stand out and be pulled out as much as possible.

  4. 4. Put the processed trotters, day lily, soybeans, onion and ginger into the stew pot, add 20ML of cooking wine, then add boiling water to add to the full eight minutes.

  5. 5. Open the fire, boil the soup, then turn to the minimum fire, stew for 2-3 hours.

  6. 6. Add salt according to your taste when you drink soup. In addition, because there is no salt added during stewing, if you want to eat trotters, you need to prepare the dip, you can use soy sauce, sesame paste, sugar, vinegar, salt, chili oil and other blended juice


Guan Xiaowei Huanghuacai reminds you that the daylily uses dried dried vegetables, and the dark yellow yellow daylily is a natural no-addition. The yellow cauliflower has a golden color and the appearance is very beautiful, the processed daylily. Please pay attention to everyone.

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