Recipe: The taste is dense - purple potato puree

Home Cooking Recipe: The taste is dense - purple potato puree


#菁菁食堂# Today, I took out the complementary food machine during pregnancy. I have been obsessed with the most old-fashioned cooking methods. I have summarized the points. 1. The food supplement can retain the nutrition of the ingredients to the greatest extent. 2. The operation is quite convenient. The head cleaning is not as convenient as the stirring rod. 4. The stirring sound is too loud. The stirring stick I bought is gentle [smirking]. Although there are pros and cons, but whether it is a stirring rod or a complementary food machine, I buy all the domestic goods, and the facts Once proved, this kind of small household appliances really do a good job, don't lose big names. [Strong] Today's purple potato puree, Jingjing wants to open a meal [happy]



  1. The purple potato is washed, peeled and cut into pieces.

  2. Put it into the food supplement and steam it.

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