Recipe: The simplest way of pig skin freezing

Home Cooking Recipe: The simplest way of pig skin freezing



  1. Wash the pigskin in a cold water pot and boil for about 20 minutes. Then remove the pig skin and let it cool. At the same time, start another pot of hot water, add the right amount of onion ginger and aniseed, boil.

  2. After the pigskin has cooled down, take a knife and scrape off the oil on the back of it. Try to scrape it cleanly. The frozen skin will be clear like jelly. After scraping the oil, cut the pig skin into even strips.

  3. Bring the chopped pork skin into the boiled hot water and boil it. Then cover it and simmer it over low heat. Add the right amount of soy sauce and salt in between, but it is best not to have too much, because after the preparation, the skin will be cold. Time: I used a cool colored cast iron pot to cook for more than an hour. If I use a regular pot, the time is preferably extended by half an hour to forty minutes. Water volume: It is better to start a little more, because the water vapor will evaporate during the boiling process. After that, the ratio of the cooked skin and water is generally controlled at three to one or four to one.

  4. After cooking, pick the onion ginger and the aniseed material, then pour the pork skin and the soup into a larger container and let it cool. There may be some oil in the process that will float up. If you do this, the pig skin frozen will be more beautiful, and the taste will not be greasy. Finally, put the cooled pig's skin water into the refrigerator and leave it for one night.

  5. The last thing is to cut the cooked pork skin, put the shallots, parsley, soy sauce and vinegar to mix evenly. I usually put the roasted peanuts in and the taste will be even better.


I don't have accurate measurements of the amount of pigskin and water. Generally, I buy a pound of pigskin and can make two bowls with a large bowl of noodles. Do a few more times, and practice makes perfect. In addition, the skin can also be added to cooked soy beans according to their own taste, but I personally still love the frozen skin made of pure skin.

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