Recipe: The simplest muffin cake

Home Cooking Recipe: The simplest muffin cake


Today, the child is clamoring for a cake. Thinking about the small paper cup that I bought online before, I will be a little Muffin cake. It’s good!



  1. 1' Eggs and sugar powder are swelled to whiteness, milk is added, and the vegetable oil is evenly distributed. (It is the sugar that must be mixed well)

  2. 2, mix low-powder and baking powder, pour into the stirred egg liquid, mix well with a spatula, do not circle, can not see the white powder.

  3. Pour the cake into the paper cup and pour the six-point full. If you like to burst your head, you will be full.

  4. 4, oven 180 preheated for 5 to 10 minutes, baked for about 25 minutes, you can be baked,


This cake tastes good, simple and convenient to do, the child likes to eat, see the little guy eating very happy, really satisfied! If you have an electric egg beater, add sugar to the white swell, and the egg yolk and protein can be separated. Finally, add the meringue and mix well. If there is no electric egg beater, use a hand blender. It is.

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