Recipe: The simplest fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: The simplest fried shrimp


1. The key to making the small river shrimp crispy is to dry the river prawn. I use the kitchen paper towel to drain the water. 2. When frying, you can use a small milk pot to save fuel, which is much less than the oil used in the wok.



  1. Wash the river shrimp with water and dry it!

  2. Mix well with salt and starch before frying!

  3. If you burn hot oil, you can throw a small river shrimp first. If there is oily oil after entering the oil, the oil temperature will be fine.

  4. Deep-fried river prawn and stir constantly to prevent agglomeration.

  5. After the river prawn floats in the oil, it is fried for another two minutes, and it is eaten and eaten!

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