Recipe: The simple practice of the whole goose - casserole goose

Home Cooking Recipe: The simple practice of the whole goose - casserole goose


Goose meat is rich in nutrients, rich in essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins, niacin, sugar, trace elements, and has a low fat content and high unsaturated fatty acid content, which is very beneficial to human health. The protein content of goose meat is very high. According to the determination, the content of goose meat is higher than that of duck meat, chicken, beef and pork. The content of lysine is higher than that of broiler chicken. At the same time, as a green food, goose meat was listed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization as one of the green foods that were developed in the 21st century. The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the goose meat is sweet and flat, and it has the effect of supplementing Yin and replenishing qi, warming the stomach and opening the stomach, and preventing rheumatism from phlegm and blood stasis. It is the top grade of traditional Chinese medicine diet. It has the effects of replenishing qi and tonic, stomach and thirst, relieving cough and removing phlegm, and relieving lead poison. Suitable for physical weakness. Insufficient blood, malnourished people eat. Tonic and Qi, warm stomach and fluid. Those who are often thirsty, fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite can often drink goose soup and eat goose meat, which can not only supplement the nutrition of elderly diabetic patients, but also control the development of the disease, and can also treat and prevent cough and other diseases, especially for treatment. Cold, acute and chronic bronchitis, chronic nephritis, edema in the elderly, emphysema, asthma, and phlegm have a good effect. Especially suitable for tonic in winter. The above is from Baidu Encyclopedia. I haven't eaten the goose-related food before, and I have learned about this long neck since I bought the goose oil gift box. It happened that I went home and found a big goose with relatives in the refrigerator. It’s really a big one. I don’t know how to make a mouthful. I share my own practice with you. It’s very simple, but the taste is very delicious.



  1. It’s so simple that I’m sorry to build recipes. . . . For the whole goose, the first step is to decompose first. Separate the goose breast and the large piece of meat from the tail, legs, wings, and armpits. If you feel that you can pack in a fresh-keeping bag, pack and freeze. First take the goose rack goose head and bring it to the soup. The fat part doesn't have to be treated, you know everything about goose oil~ and the goose really doesn't have much fat, the meat is very firm.

  2. Put cold water in the pot, add the ingredients to be simmered in the soup, simmer the water, mainly to the blood, not to do this step.

  3. Add the amount of water in the casserole and the amount of water that has not been used in the casserole, add three or four slices of ginger, and the third and fourth sections are scallion. After the fire is boiled, turn to a small fire and slowly simmer for about 3 hours. The longer the simmering time, the stronger the soup will be and the milky white will eventually become. Add salt before the pan. Really do not need other seasoning.


I was planning to use goose broth and goose leg meat to make white goose. But after drinking the first pot of soup, I took all the goose meat and cooked it. . . It’s so delicious that I can’t help it, and it’s really just adding the onion and ginger, and finally I can put salt. The next day, you can continue to lick after adding water, and smash the eyebrows for a few hours!

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