Recipe: The secret recipe for treating dysmenorrhea ~ brown sugar mountain paste

Home Cooking Recipe: The secret recipe for treating dysmenorrhea ~ brown sugar mountain paste


Hawthorn, sour, sweet, slightly warm. Return to the spleen, stomach, liver. The raw hawthorn is digested and guided, and the cooked hawthorn is activating blood and silt. This is what my mom told me. When I am dying, she will give me the brown sugar mountain water. The effect is remarkable. Not only does it not hurt, insisting on drinking aunt can also change the law, and there is no blood clot at all! ! Later I lived, I lazy slowly cook the hawthorn, I used the soymilk machine, especially save trouble. Drink every time you come. I recommend it to everyone now, hoping to help the girls. I don't like to eat sour, but this is really good to drink ~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Stand the pot and boil water.

    Stand the pot and boil water.

  2. Wait for the gap between the water to open, wash the hawthorn, dig the head and tail and the core, and arbitrarily smash it into small pieces and put it in the soymilk machine.

  3. After the water is opened, add brown sugar as you like. Brown sugar should not be cooked too much. When the sugar is turned on, it will turn off the fire.

  4. Pour brown sugar into the soymilk machine, stir the hawthorn and brown sugar water with chopsticks, cover the lid, and press the grain porridge button.

  5. Wait 20 minutes or so, the steaming brown sugar mountain paste will be fine. Drink hot! !


When boiling water, the water can be put a little more, because the brown sugar has slag. After boiling, wait for it to settle and then go to the soymilk. Please, my sister, don't ask me if I don't have a soymilk machine. No soymilk can buy, if you don't want to buy it, you can steal it. If you don't want to steal it, you can use your teeth to bite. A bite of red sugar is chewed and swallowed. The environmental protection is more healthy. Or it's simpler, just don't do it. Once again declare: This is just a supplement, not a substitute for drugs. And the effect varies from person to person. Don't look back at me because the effect is not big or too big. I don't want this pot. Then it is better to ask the doctor about the problem of aunt's irregularity and the amount of color and depth. Finally, drink during the period of abdominal pain during menstruation, and how many times to drink it once a day is not prescribed. Look at your own mood. If you don't hurt, you can't drink it. Even if you don't want to drink it, you can drink it. Just sauce.

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