Recipe: The practice of smashing dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: The practice of smashing dumplings


Today, Hefei Jinling Food Training School teaches everyone how to stir up the dumplings.



  1. Prepare the material, simmer in the salt water for half an hour, wash;

  2. The water is boiled and poured into the scorpion, and it is kept flipping. When the mouth of the scorpion is cracked, it is immediately clipped out with chopsticks;

  3. All the scorpions that have been pinched out, the water is clean and ready for use;

  4. Cut the material well;

  5. Pour the right amount of oil, then prepare the bean paste and soy sauce on the spatula, and heat the oil to 7 layers.

  6. Immediately add ginger, garlic, onions, peppers, shallots and stir-fry; then pour in the dumplings;

  7. Then pour the wine into the wine, consume fuel, and then you can turn the pot over and the smell will come out;

  8. Then add the salt, the chicken essence can be out of the pot;

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