Recipe: The practice of radish ham stewed duck wings

Home Cooking Recipe: The practice of radish ham stewed duck wings


There are many practices in duck wings. I used some of them to make braised wings, and some of them made braised. The rest were stewed with radish and ham, and the taste was not bad. Wuzyi5



  1. 1, duck wings washed, ham cut long slices, white radish cut strips, ginger slices, onions cut;

  2. 2. The duck's wings are cut off from the middle. After drowning, take out the water and wash off the floating foam, and remove the small fluff;

  3. 3, the casserole is put in water, after the water is opened, put the good duck wings and ham. After the fire is boiled, cook the cooking wine and simmer for one hour.

  4. 4, put the white radish strips, put the salt, and then stew for half an hour, and finally put white pepper powder.


Warm tips: The ham itself has a salty taste, so be careful not to put more when you put the salt.

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