Recipe: The name "Ginger Duck"

Home Cooking Recipe: The name


I traveled to Xiamen in the winter of one year, and I was very proud of the “Ginger Duck” recommended by my boss in a restaurant. It tastes great. The boss said that their family's "Ginger Duck" has a secret recipe, so even the nearby restaurants will sell the finished products directly to the guests. There is no secret recipe, but the taste is really good. In fact, I have only eaten once in Xiamen, so you have to ask the authenticity? How is it compared to other families? I really don't have a say.  However, in the winter, eat such a warm duck meat, warm heart and warm stomach. It has been too complicated to search the Internet for this dish. Those so-called "Chinese medicine packs" are speculative and embarrassing, and they are really big. Fortunately, the practice of stealing a cola from my mother was simple and easy to use, so I made a clever improvement.



  1. Wash and cut the duck meat, marinate with cooking wine, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and sugar for about one hour to two hours.

  2. Ginger slices, covered with pot bottom (recommended with casserole)

  3. Put the marinated duck meat into the pot, cook it on a small fire and simmer for 1 hour on a small fire. You can turn off the fire when you see the juice in the pot.


The problem with the amount of marinated seasoning is 1:1:1. Salt and sugar are mainly used for flavoring, and can be put less. If there is no casserole at home, use the pot that you usually cook porridge soup, even these No, the amount, then the rice cooker. Singles will also do this, and the taste is not bad, that is, the pot is difficult to wash. In addition, if the fire is found in the small fire, you can add some water.

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