Recipe: The most simple big bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: The most simple big bone soup


Do not put any kelp, winter melon, corn, ah ~ ~ ~ as long as the most simple!



  1. When buying a big bone in the vegetable market, let the master directly lick the bones. After returning, the tap water is brewed for a while, one is clean, and the other is to wash off some blood.

  2. Put tap water in the pot (can not have the amount of big bones), throw it into the three segments of onion, three slices of ginger, a little cooking wine, open fire... After the water is opened, there will be a lot of blood foam in the country. Remove the big bones and rinse off the tap water. The bloody water is poured out.

  3. Take out the big casserole, enough tap water, and put the big bones. Re-place the three segments of onion, three slices of ginger (remember not to add more wine this time). When the fire is on, there will still be some blood foam coming out during the boiling phase of the water. After ten minutes of rolling, turn to a small fire, a small fire for an hour and a half to two hours. The most simple big bone soup in a pot is just fine!

  4. If there is more stewed soup, it will be served, and then seasoned with salt!


I like to add kelp, melon, corn and other ingredients. After the big bone soup is stewed, I will take some of it and cook it again. Add salt to taste what~~~

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