Recipe: The most beautiful but the bowl of Yangchun noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: The most beautiful but the bowl of Yangchun noodles


Yang Chun face Yang Chun face English translation name Plain Noodles, also known as glossy. Folk custom used to call the lunar calendar in October for Xiaoyangchun, and Shanghai Jingyin language to ten for Yangchun. In the past, this bowl of rice sold ten yuan, so it is called Yangchun noodles. Open onion oil noodles, also known as seaweed onion oil noodles. It is mixed with cooked noodles with scallions and sautéed seaweed (Shanghainese called Kaiyang). The noodles are tough and smooth, the seaweed is soft and delicious, and the onion oil is full of fragrance. After 1945, the Chenghuang Temple has a surnamed Chen's stall. The daily method of using Subei's hometown to make onion oil is used to mix noodles. The green onion is very different and very popular. It has been passed down to the present day. Now it is a special snack for the lakeside snack shop. Because I lived in the environment of Shanghai-based people when I was a child, I often ate “Yangchun noodles”. After I grew up, I ate all the delicate and complicated production methods, which was not as good as the bowl of “Yangchun Noodles”, but I always felt delicious but I don’t know. Name and reason. Although the words "Yangchun Noodles" are familiar, they are like "the most familiar strangers" who pass by in the sea. I looked at the online recipes a few days ago, because this pasta is simple to make like a bubble face, I will try it out on a whim. Who knows that after a good taste, it is actually the "memory taste" that I have been looking for. ※This dish is simple to make, but the material that determines the taste is the oil. It is best to use lard to do it, otherwise you will not make Yangchun noodles, which is ordinary soup noodles. ※There is no lard, so you can grab a few pieces of fresh pork to grab the oil; the second is to replace it with sesame oil (the sesame oil), which is the only one closest to the original. ※More recipe questions please consult the public number: soyobell



  1. Shallots are cut to spare. Add a proper amount of water to the skillet to boil.

  2. Add soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, lard to the empty bowl, and simmer into the half-boiled water. After the seasoning, the soup is noodles.

  3. The boiling water left in the pot is used to boil the noodles. After cooking, it is served, and the water is drained. It is placed in the noodle soup and sprinkled with chopped green onion.


1. To make the noodles more powerful, after cooking the noodles, pick up the cold water and soak them, so that the noodles will be more chewy. 2, please do not leave a message to ask about the problem of oil, it is best to use lard to do, otherwise you do not make Yangchun noodles, is the ordinary soup surface. There is really no lard, so one can grab a few pieces of fresh fat pork to blow up the oil; the second is to replace it with sesame oil (scented oil), which is the only one closest to the original. 3, ask soy sauce, soy sauce, soy children's shoes, the first difference between the three things under Baidu and similarities, for this aspect, these three can be used, there is no hard standard like lard. These three are like peppers, but they are only peppers with different scent and spicyness. The main thing is to distinguish the taste and color of these three things, according to the individual taste and the degree of shade of the soup. 4, other questions, you can first refer to the recipe description and the tips written here, as well as some early answers I answered other questions. No longer, such as some common sense common problems, 5, more detailed practice consultation and answer see the public number "food has a shadow."

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