Recipe: The most authentic home-made cold noodle soup

Home Cooking Recipe: The most authentic home-made cold noodle soup



  1. The most authentic home-made cold noodle soup is the most authentic cold noodle soup, authentic Korean cuisine, cold noodles, and must be eaten in the summer. Generally, the cold noodles that we usually buy in the supermarket will not bite, or Too soft, today's culinary network teaches everyone to make cold noodles, moderate hardness, soft and soft soup, natural and fresh, this is also done in Korean homes, the most common practice, and quickly learn! First of all, there is a lot of cooking. After buying cold noodles in the supermarket, you must use cold water for at least two to three hours, then sit in the pot, put the surface down, cook for three or four minutes, and remove too cold. Stir under the shower water.

  2. Next, adjust the soup, put two bottles of mineral water into the container, seven tablespoons of white vinegar, three spoonfuls of white sugar, seven spoonfuls of soy sauce, the right amount of salt, two spoonfuls of sprite, two tablespoons of broth, stir even more professional snacks technology please see Qq329209338 space, add cucumber slices, put in the refrigerator for a while, then put in your cooked cold noodles, put the right amount of spicy sauce, two pieces of beef, cucumber silk, and then put half an egg, this authentic cold noodles it is done

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