Recipe: The fastest and delicious cheese stick!

Home Cooking Recipe: The fastest and delicious cheese stick!


I have always been lazy. Before I do something, I would rather spend my time on comparing the simpler and faster hand. Finally, I changed it according to a prescription that I usually love. I made this cheese stick and the taste is solid. The cheese is heavy, I love, love, love, ah~~~~ and the general recipe will be used after the cheese is left. This is basically a package of TB. It’s just a la la la la hema~ Don't worry about the rest of the cheese is not working! If you like yoghurt, you can add 30-35ML lemon juice. I don't like to eat sour, so Fangzi didn't write ~



  1. Put the digestive biscuits into a fresh-keeping bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Dip the butter into the microwave and melt it. Pour into the biscuit and mix well. Into the mold, press it into the refrigerator.

  2. The cheese is softened at room temperature (it is not too late to soften the microwave oven and soften it), add sugar and mix well. (The cheese is stirred a little, and excessive agitation can also cause the epidermis to crack)

  3. Add whole eggs in two portions and mix well to enter the mold. 160 degrees and 50 minutes. (Everyone's oven temperature is different, the mold size is also different, it is best to look at the point after seeing the color, so as not to over-head or crack)

  4. After cooling, the refrigerator is refrigerated overnight, cut into strips, and eaten!


This recipe can be done with a 6-inch cheesecake. The mold can be done with a pound cake mold. If it is a square mousse mold, double it!

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