Recipe: The correct way to eat crabs

Home Cooking Recipe: The correct way to eat crabs


It’s time for the golden autumn crab season! I used to eat steamed crabs. I tried the cooking method this year. The crabs are more delicious. The crab meat is sweet and I hope to share it with you. Just didn't take a photo this time, I will make it up next time!



  1. The crab is first placed in the pot, and then the cold water is placed. The amount of water is not subject to the crab.

  2. Then, put a little salt and beer.

  3. Boil the crabs with a large fire, then cook over medium heat for 10 to 12 minutes. At this time, start the pan and serve hot, and taste the best.

  4. When you eat it, you can use ginger, vinegar, fresh soy sauce, and a little sugar to make a seasoning. Then you can eat it.

  5. After eating the crab, it is best to cook brown sugar ginger tea to warm the stomach.


Remember: 1) This method must not be cooked for more than 15 minutes. If the amount of crab is small, the amount of beer can be reduced. 2) If it is re-cooked after cooling, it will affect the crab and crab flavor, so it is best not to cook again. 3) Ways to save hairy crabs: If not eaten immediately, place them in the refrigerator (6-12 degrees) to maintain hibernation. Do not freeze or soak in water. Always check the hairy crabs. If you find that the crab's activity is reduced (when the hands touch it is not very responsive), cook immediately! 4) Eat crabs to remove four: except the stomach (in the crab cover), in addition to the lungs, in addition to sputum, in addition to the heart (position crab yellow or crab oil, hexagonal, less easy to identify) 5) hairy crabs and persimmons must not be the same eat. 6) It is recommended to eat the crab order: first cut off the crab feet and big pliers, then open the crab shell, eat the shell and the crab body, and then eat the crab feet. 7) Food and nutritional value of hairy crabs: According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", crabs have the effects of relaxing the muscles, replenishing the stomach, clearing the meridians, dispersing the heat, and spreading the blood. Crab meat tastes salty cold, has heat, phlegm, and nourishing yin. It can treat bruises, muscle fractures and allergic dermatitis. It is beneficial for people who have consumed a lot of protein and need supplemental nutrition after surgery, after illness, and chronic wasting diseases.

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