Recipe: The Chancery’s chocolate and peanut tart

Home Cooking Recipe: The Chancery’s chocolate and peanut tart


Fang Zi changed from "Olive" Jul 2015 P71. Mold: 23cm live round chocolate and peanuts are always classic partners. The richness of the chocolate The smoothness of the peanut butter is perfect! This recipe is from the London restaurant The Chancery. Chocolate must be used with good quality. Copy the restaurant dessert at home.



  1. Put the biscuits in a fresh-keeping bag and use a rolling pin to crush the biscuit into a crumb. Mix the butter and peanut butter, melt the water, pour the biscuits and mix well. Pour the biscuit into the baking mold, press the mixture evenly at the bottom of the mold, and press firmly. Put it in the refrigerator. Cut the milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Mix the egg and egg yolk and break up.

  2. The oven is warmed up at 140 degrees. Pour milk and cream into the pan, boil and turn off the heat. Add chopped milk chocolate and dark chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely melted. Add the beaten egg mixture and mix well. Pour the chocolate mixture into the mold and try to make the mixture contain some air bubbles. Bake for 40-50 minutes until the carcass is solidified, nudged, and the center of the crotch is slightly vibrated. Take the cockroach out of the oven and let it cool.

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