Recipe: The best-----soup fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: The best-----soup fried rice


I am not a renminbi, I can't do it everybody (・Д・)ノ This is just a taste of personal experimentation. Regarding the problem of soy sauce, "must" must use soy sauce! ! Otherwise, the color of the fried food is super black, and the old-fashioned chicken is salty! If there is really no soy sauce in the home to use the soy sauce, then let it go and try it. I am super sweet, so my soy sauce is sweet, not very leisurely. Basically, after I put the soy sauce, I put a little sugar and ok, and I don’t put salt. Be sure to try and taste the salty baby! ! As for the ingredients inside can be added at will, I was at hand as long as these ingredients, I can add some green vegetables, the scallions can be! If you add sausage, you must first fry the sausage, so delicious!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the sausages into smaller pieces, the smaller the better. (If you love sausages, you can cut a lot)

    Cut the sausages into smaller pieces, the smaller the better. (If you love sausages, you can cut a lot)

  2. Eggs are scattered for use.

  3. Heat the oil and fry the sausage, stir fry until the surface is slightly wrinkled. Pour in the rice, stir fry evenly, and the rice is granulated.

  4. I went to the soy sauce and picked it up, because I didn’t put the salt, so let’s try it. Then put sugar, a spoonful of more, the soy sauce is a bit sweet. (Some baby feel salty after finishing, according to the taste of their own soy sauce. My family is not very salty, so I put a lot of soy sauce when I do it)

  5. Stir fry evenly to add the broken eggs, so the fried eggs can not be seen completely, very broken and very broken (do not like to break the eggs can be fried first.) Stir fry evenly out of the pot ~_~;


Needless to say, everyone knows to use the overnight rice ☆~(ゝ.∂)

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