Recipe: The best sauce to squid squid rings

Home Cooking Recipe: The best sauce to squid squid rings


The relatives sent a lot of squid rings and immediately made the sauce to squid! A nutritious, low-fat, very healthy dish! It is recommended to add onions! It is recommended to add salt before the pan, and taste the taste first. After all, everyone tastes different. I belong to heavy taste. You can also use other favorite sauces instead of bean paste. what



  1. Thaw frozen squid rings in salted cold water (not available for hot water)

  2. Two green peppers are cut across the green pepper rings, onions are cut with onion rings, ginger slices, and garlic is slightly smaller.

  3. Add oil to the pot, add ginger, onion rings, garlic scent (small and medium fire, or garlic will focus) and then add the bean paste to stir fry, add the green pepper ring after the scent, continue to fry, green pepper stir-fried Into the squid ring

  4. Then add salt, soy sauce stir fry, the squid ring becomes smaller, add black pepper and sugar after frying the water, and finally add the cumin powder and stir fry evenly when the pot is ready.


If you don't like garlic, you can put it out or put it on your own taste. You can pick out the ginger garlic and put it on the plate. The cut slices will not be inadvertently eaten. Very delicious dish, inspiration at noon today, haha~ If you have a squid ring, you can try it! ! ! It is recommended to add dried chili and pepper to make it better! ! !

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