Recipe: The best Hunan dish - chili fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: The best Hunan dish - chili fried meat



  1. Wash the fresh pork slices. Don't care too much about the shape of the cut, as long as the size is uniform. Fresh pork is not pickled with wine, and then we will scent and taste no smell.

  2. Slice the green pepper red pepper oblique knife. In fact, it is good to cut it according to your own preferences. As long as the size is almost the same, the shape is free~

  3. Throw the portion of the fat into the hot pot, stir fry, and pour the lard. Put the lean meat part into the pot and stir-fry. This time of speculation can also be increased or decreased according to personal preference. I personally like the pork with musk, a slightly harder taste, so I will simmer for a little longer. When the pork is slightly discolored, it will be ready for use.

  4. Add the right amount of oil to the pot (Hunan dishes are heavy oil, but can also be adjusted according to personal preference! But heavy oil stir-fry is definitely better ~) After the oil is hot, put the chopped pepper. Add a pinch of salt and stir-fry.

  5. After the pepper is dehydrated, add the meat that has been fried before. At the same time, you can add salt and soy sauce (soy sauce) to color. Then continue to stir fry. Probably stir-fry for 2-3 minutes. At this time, the pepper and the sliced ​​meat are fully colored and can be served after the taste.


The fatness of the meat can be based on preferences. Those who don't like fat meat are also OK. But the fat part must first pick up the fat oh ~ pepper is best to use thin and thick pepper. Not the kind of small red millet pepper or Chaotian pepper, but the medium-sized pepper. Not too spicy, but with the aroma of pepper. If you are a Hunanese, you will choose the so-called "local chili". Hunan local pepper has a special aroma, and the skin is thin and fleshy, moderately spicy, and very delicious.

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