Recipe: Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey

Home Cooking Recipe: Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey


When I first came to the US to roast turkey for the first time, I tried to marinate it with various spices for two nights, and greeted me with a good taste~



  1. Wash the turkey and dry it with kitchen paper

  2. Use a fork to insert a few holes in the turkey to facilitate the taste. Mix all the spices (the most cumin powder, other according to personal taste), sea salt, 100ML red wine and melted butter, and bring the kitchen gloves evenly to the turkey body and massage the turkey.

  3. Insert a few holes (more) into the turkey belly with a fork. The turkey belly, as well as the place between the turkey and the skin, is also filled with the previously mixed marinade. Then use a large plastic bag to seal the turkey and put it in the freezer to pick up the flavor, 36-48 hours.

  4. Remove the turkey, add the chestnut kernels, the Italian ham sausage, the dried fruit, the potato pieces and the toasted bread in the belly of the turkey. You need to evenly apply the olive oil before putting the potato pieces. You can also add the apple pieces and put them before. Remove the lemon from the turkey's belly and fix it at the exit of the turkey's butt to prevent the filling in the turkey belly.

  5. Brush the whole body of turkey with olive oil and wrap it in tin foil for 170 hours in the oven. After removal, remove the tin foil from the turkey and wrap the tip of the turkey with tin foil.

  6. Remove the turkey, remove the tin foil from the turkey, and wrap the tip of the turkey with tin foil.

  7. Brush the turkey with a layer of olive oil, mix the honey with the red wine, brush it on the turkey, and continue to bake in the oven for 10 minutes. This process is repeated until the turkey's internal temperature reaches 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be taken out. (If you find that a part is too dark, remember to cover the corresponding part with tin foil.)

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