Recipe: Thanksgiving honey sauce roasted turkey leg

Home Cooking Recipe: Thanksgiving honey sauce roasted turkey leg


Once a year of Thanksgiving, in addition to shopping, another essential theme is the roast turkey on the dinner table. We are forced to study abroad. There are no family reunions outside. Several people roast a turkey too much. It is a good choice to cook a few turkey legs by yourself. You don't have to repeat the tragedy of McDull for half a year, you can also YY look at the beautiful scene in Disney Garden.



  1. The turkeys that have been bought are cleaned, soaked in water and thawed.

  2. Mix the various seasonings into sauce and spread evenly on the surface of the cleaned turkey legs. Put the turkey leg together with the remaining sauce in a fresh-keeping bag and seal it. Massage the turkey leg for a while and then chill it in the refrigerator.

  3. On the afternoon of Thanksgiving Day, lay a layer of sliced ​​onions, carrots and celery on a tin foil baking tray, then take out the fully marinated turkey legs, and put the small head in tin foil for anti-paste and place on the side dish. .

  4. Preheat the oven to 350F and place in the baking tray to start roasting. Every half hour, take it out and turn it over, brush the layer of sauce, and like the honey-flavored heart, you can also brush a little honey.

  5. After 2 hours, hey, enjoy your delicious Thanksgiving turkey leg dinner~


1 massage is very important, the key to the taste! All kinds of kneading and tapping, can be used to think of, massage as much as possible for a while. 2About the curing time: I have been marinated for three days and the taste is very thorough. If the time is not enough, pickle at least one day in advance. 3 The onions and other side dishes on the baking sheet are basically not eaten after baking. The main thing is to borrow their aroma. When the foreigner bakes the whole turkey, they will stuff the stuff into the turkey belly.

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