Recipe: Thai sweet and sour lemon shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai sweet and sour lemon shrimp


Sour and sweet, very appetizing, full of flavor, everyone likes it.



  1. Wash the shrimp, remove the head, pick out the shrimp line, marinate with lemon juice and pepper starch

  2. Garlic cut into garlic, lemon cut

  3. After the oil is hot, sprinkle with minced garlic, stir-fry the aroma, add the shrimp and fry until the two sides are discolored.

  4. Add sweet chili sauce, lemon juice, stir-fry the salt evenly, adjust it according to the taste, cover the lid for a few minutes.

  5. Add some pepper powder and lemon slices before the pan


Friends who like spicy can add some Thai curry and taste good.

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