Recipe: Thai style chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai style chicken


Sugar cane shrimp is a typical Vietnamese dish. It is made by peeling the fresh shrimp into the shell, smashing it into shrimp paste, and then frying it on the cane stick and frying it in a pan. The skin is golden and crisp, and it also sticks to the little bit of bread crumbs. The shrimp is sweet, sweet, tender and sweet because it absorbs the sweetness of sugar cane. When you eat, you have a sauce of chili plum sauce.



  1. Chicken, onion, horseshoe mashed separately, add salt, scallops, sugar and fish sauce and mix well

  2. Prepare a few roots of citronella, go to the leaves and go to the outer skin to soak in clear water.

  3. Lemongrass is covered with raw powder

  4. Divide the chicken stuff into small portions

  5. Chicken stuffing on lemongrass

  6. Put a little oil in the pan and cook slowly with a small fire.

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