Recipe: Thai spicy chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai spicy chicken wings



  1. . Put the chicken wings into the pot, add 1/3 ginger and garlic slices, add enough water, and boil the water, continue to boil for about a minute.

  2. . Remove the chicken wings after scalding, immerse in cold water, wash off the floating foam

  3. . Heat the frying pan, add a little oil, and add the remaining ginger and garlic slices.

  4. . Put in rock sugar

  5. . Put a large spoon of soy sauce

  6. . Put in cooking wine, melt the ice sugar in a small fire

  7. . Pour in Thai sweet chili sauce

  8. . Put in chicken wings, stir fry

  9. . Stir well, add in water, cook for about 10 minutes on low heat.

  10. . Stir fry until the soup is concentrated.


1. Sugar can also be used instead of rock sugar, but the color is not as bright as the sugar; 2. The sugar is to be melted and then put into the chicken wings, so that the effect of hanging the juice is better; 3. Do not put too much water, because the amount of sugar in the soup is more, do not stick to the pot when cooking.

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