Recipe: Thai Red Curry Beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Red Curry Beef



  1. The picture shows the red curry sauce. Cut the beef into thin slices. If it is not easy to cut, place the beef in the refrigerator and freeze it slightly and then slice it. The sliced ​​beef is mixed with soy sauce, starch, cooking wine, and appropriate amount of water, and marinated for 10 minutes. The green pepper is seeded. Cut diamond slices; peeled slices of carrots

  2. 1/2 pot of coconut milk in a hot pot, boil, add red curry sauce, saute

  3. Pour the beef stir fry

  4. Inject the remaining coconut milk and put in the vegetables

  5. After boiling, add fish sauce and sugar to taste, and cook over medium heat for 3-5 minutes.

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