Recipe: Thai pineapple crispy shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai pineapple crispy shrimp



  1. Arctic shrimp is naturally thawed at room temperature and stirred evenly with dry starch.

  2. Cut green pepper, ginger and garlic

  3. The pineapple cubes are soaked in light salt water. After half an hour, rinse off the salty drain with water.

  4. Pour the oil into the pan. After the oil is warm, put the shrimp one by one into the pan and fry until the crust is crispy.

  5. Leave the base oil in the pot, add the ginger and garlic to the scent, add the green pepper and stir fry, add the Thai chicken sauce and a little water, and finally pour the pineapple and shrimp, stir fry evenly.


In addition to Thai chicken sauce, this dish can be used without any other seasonings. It is very convenient to eat sour and sweet. It is a good time to start cooking MM. Thai chicken sauce can be bought in the supermarket's imported food cabinet.

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