Recipe: Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Mango Sticky Rice


Mangoes with a lot of sugar can also be used as a staple food! ! Tips: The English name for many tropical fruits is originally derived from the native language. For example, mango mango is South Indian Tamil, papaya papaya is Caribbean, durian durian is Malay, and banana banana is West African.



  1. Wash and cook glutinous rice

  2. Mango peeled diced

  3. The coconut milk is heated on a small fire and seasoned with a little salt and sugar according to personal taste.

  4. Mix well with coconut milk and glutinous rice

  5. Put glutinous rice and mango meat in a bowl

  6. Put on mint leaves


Mango Coconut Milk Mint Thai-style glutinous rice, don't eat too much 喔, indigestion! ! ( ̄) ̄)/

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