Recipe: Thai Mango Shrimp Vermicelli

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Mango Shrimp Vermicelli


Sour and sweet fan salad ^^ The coolest in summer, the fresh prawns are the most embarrassing.



  1. Wash the grass and peel the shell, go to the shrimp line, drowning.

  2. Fans boiled for 10 minutes, drowned for two minutes, and rinsed with ice water.

  3. Squeeze the lime juice into the shrimp, add a little sugar, salt, and black pepper. Fans add raw fish sauce to taste, add a little sugar.

  4. Mango peeled and diced.

  5. Fans, shrimps, and mangoes are mixed together and finished.


1. Fish sauce can not be used only for soy sauce. 2. Only need the sour taste of lime, do not add white vinegar or something.

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