Recipe: Thai lettuce bag

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai lettuce bag


Summer appetizing good food, easy to do, wrapped in fresh lettuce, not tired at home, you can eat exotic Thai lettuce at home~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Season the pork with salt, oyster sauce and sugar and marinate it.

    Season the pork with salt, oyster sauce and sugar and marinate it.

  2. The lettuce leaves are torn off one by one, and the size can be cut according to your own preferences and placed on the plate.

  3. Cut the peppers and shallots in a circle. The peppers are preferably red and green. The color is better.

  4. The next bit of oil (not too much, because the pork will be oiled later), put the pork down, carefully stir the pork, crush it, and cook it.

  5. Sauté the shallots and peppers with the remaining oil of the fried pork. Put the pork down again and stir fry, add black pepper powder, season with fish sauce, and finally squeeze a little lemon juice, stir fry, and serve.

  6. Finally, because I like to eat barbecue, I mix the garlic slices, so I added the garlic slices to the side, and when I eat, I can put them in the meat and wrap them together.


Fish sauce and lemon juice are indispensable, making the whole dish full of Thai flavor. The first time I write a recipe, there is no step chart. I will record more when I cook the next time. I hope I can write better next time. Thank you!

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