Recipe: Thai Lemon Passion Fruit Chicken Claw

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai Lemon Passion Fruit Chicken Claw


Someone in the circle of friends bought a very hot one. Lemon, passion fruit, chicken feet are all I love to eat, I have recited many times to eat, but too far, no way to send it. So our little treasure decided to copy it.



  1. Buy the frozen chicken feet, cut them off the nails, cut them in half, wash them, soak them, and rinse off the blood. Boil the water in the pot, add a small amount of cooking wine to simmer, water the chicken claws, cook for about 5 minutes, chopsticks can be inserted and fished out (do not cook for too long), drain the water under the tap and remove the grease. Then put it in a basin with ice and water, and it will be able to drown the chicken feet. Then you can prepare the ingredients. If the middle ice cubes are turned, you can put some ice cubes in the right amount. The ice will be more Q.

  2. The lotus root is peeled, cut into thin slices, and the pot is boiled in water. After the water is opened, the lotus root is boiled. Cook for about 1 minute. Take a moderate thickness and eat it. There is no obvious powdery taste. Also put in ice water to soak.

  3. Carrots, celery, and onions are washed and shredded. Because I don't like to eat onions and celery, I cut it into smaller pieces, and it tastes good, I don't want to eat it.

  4. The green pepper is washed and aired. It means that the pepper and the pickled pepper are chopped a bit, and the more delicious. Garlic chopped spare

  5. Plan the lemon peel, add a little salt and sugar, press a cup with a spoon, let the lemon scent completely come out, then cut the lemon in half, squeeze out the most lemon juice, and then slice the lemon. Passion fruit and dig out the flesh and lemon in a bowl and mix well.

  6. Chicken claws and lotus roots are fished out to filter out the water and put it into the jar. Mix the other side dishes and all the seasonings together with a little bit of pickled pepper water. Try some juice and try the taste. If you feel the lack of it, just add some licking, and your appetite will be fine. Pour into the jar, shake it, shake it, cover the lid, put it in the refrigerator, turn it down half a day, and eat it the next day. It will be more mellow in two days.

  7. When you want to eat it, take it out, mix it with pepper oil, diced green onion, parsley, you can eat it.

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