Recipe: Thai lemon grilled fish

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai lemon grilled fish



  1. When buying a fish, ask him to help open the fish into a squatting look. (Forehead, squatting, this is the jargon. When I bought the fish, I told the master for a long time, the master realized it, oh, let the fish squat. Let's say it early. So, this model is called 'squatting')

  2. The fish that have been bought will be washed again after returning home. In particular, the dark spots in the fish belly should be scraped clean, otherwise it will be bitter when eaten.

  3. Both sides of the fish body are beveled with a knife, and the mouth is equidistant.

  4. Spread the olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme evenly on the fish, and wipe it inside. Don't forget the place of the knife.

  5. The lemon is cut in half, half of which squeezes the lemon juice onto the fish, and the other half scrapes the lemon peel and fills the knife in the mouth of the fish.

  6. Ginger slices, fill the fish into the mouth, and marinate the fish for about 1-2 hours.

  7. The other lemon was cut in half, half cut into thin slices for use, and the other half was squeezed again to the sides of the marinated fish.

  8. Gently brush a layer of olive oil on the fish, put a few pieces of fragrant leaves on the lower layer, preheat the oven at 200 degrees, and bake it for 20-30 minutes.

  9. Gently brush a layer of olive oil and a proper amount of Thai hot and sour sauce on the grilled fish. At the same time, cut the lemon slices to the sides of the fish, and then enter the oven again and bake for 5 minutes to see the fish. It can be baked with a golden yellow color.


This Thai-style lemon-roasted fish smells like a lemon mixed with thyme. It tastes tender and tender, refreshing and sweet. Haha, I really feel the taste of "Sawadika". My little bit of experience is: 1. You can use squid, um~~ but it is better to eat squid or steamed; you can also use grass carp, um~~ but it feels a little bit more stab; so I still think tilapia is very good, just this one I bought too much, I have more than 2 pounds. When I cut the fins, I am exhausted. They are all old bones. It is difficult to cut, so it is better to buy a smaller one, and the meat should be more tender. 2. The curing time should be longer. At least it should be more than half a day. It will be more delicious. I bought the fish at 9:00 am and I will eat it at noon, so the curing time is still a bit short. 3. To judge whether the fish is cooked or not, to observe the change of the color of the fish body. After all, the temperament of each household oven is different. It is better to take care of it more than once. If you throw it in, you will no longer have it. If you want to eat food, you should not be afraid. trouble. 4. Because the curing time is short, I thought that it would not be particularly tasty, so I brushed the Thai sweet and sour sauce on the fish before the second time into the oven. This sauce is delicious, completely infiltrated by the fish, but the fish inside can maintain the original sweetness and is delicious. 5. Ignore the side of the parsley and red pepper, it is purely color, huh, huh.

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