Recipe: Thai hot and sour seafood soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Thai hot and sour seafood soup


I am a young man who can't eat Thai food abroad... This seafood soup is a must-have every time I go to the restaurant! The soup has a 90% reduction in satiety. ~~~~~~~



  1. Wash the seafood, go to the simmer, and let it dry. Wash vegetables, cut well

  2. Half-cooked pot boiling water next to it

  3. Put the oil in the pan, stir-fry the dried chili

  4. Stir-fried pork in a pan, golden, oily, and then stir-fried in seafood (not too long)

  5. Pan fire, quickly inject boiling water to soak all materials

  6. Put tomatoes and onions in the soup pot. Pour everything in the pan into the saucepan

  7. Keep the stockpot boiled and add the pepper

  8. Put half a pack of soup and coconut milk into the mix.

  9. When it's almost good, put in the floating skin and crab sticks.

  10. Turn off the heat, scrape the skin of the lime into the soup. Finally squeeze the lime juice into the soup.


The weight of the material is a large pot, supporting the weight of death, and I look at it~ Tomato and onion green peppers are absolutely essential, and the lingering scent is the perfect match with them!  Can't buy lemongrass and lemon leaves... But the soup is good enough, the degree of reduction may be less. The soup can be found in the supermarkets in Southeast Asia. If you have seafood, you can match the shrimps, clams and squid. If you are rotten, you can buy Huazhi pills and fish balls for hot pot. Another ~ This soup seems to be the Philippines... Can’t figure out, eat it is: D

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